Top 15 Evanescence Songs

A fun discussion with an old friend led me to come up with a new top 15. Since Evanescence is one of my top three favorite bands/acts, along with Rush and Lindsey Stirling—and maybe Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler—and I’ve done top 15 for all of them. . . yep, pretty much had to.

So here we go. Maybe I’ll come back later and flesh out what I like about each song, but for now it’s just the list. I can say that it’s my favorite Amy Lee note, at the end of the last chorus, that puts the #1 ahead of the others.

15. Imaginary

14. Sweet Sacrifice

13. Speak to Me

12. End of the Dream

11. Good Enough

10. Lost in Paradise

9. Use My Voice

8. Call Me When You’re Sober

7. Going Under

6. My Heart Is Broken

5. Wasted on You

4. Hi-Lo

3. Bring Me To Life

2. My Immortal

1. Lithium

Mentioned honorably:

Swimming Home


Breathe No More


Everybody’s Fool


November Earworms

Even when you love a song, isn’t it so annoying when it keeps replaying over and over in your head? The Germans were kind enough to invent the term for it: Earworm.

These four are the latest jamming my mental aural airwaves.

Call Me When You’re Sober, by Evanescence
Leave the Lights On, by Meiko
Road in the Sky, by Paulina Logan
Storm, by Lovers Electric


New Toy

For a while I’ve been wanting to get a cajon, so I finally got one for my birthday. . . what I’m guessing is the beginner version. Fingertips already sore.

Willow included for scale.

Redhead on a Cajon–my new single


Dollhouse, TV show

TV Binging

Shows I have recently binged, rebinged, or am currently binging.

First time:

Hanna, TV show,

The Bridge (American version)

Bridge, TV show,


Eureka, TV show


Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp, TV show


Legacies, TV show

Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13, TV show

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy, TV show

Had to find one with Willow!


Lucifer, TV Show


Dollhouse, TV show


Poetry Tuesday: A Strange Race of Critics

(Originally read as A Strange Race of Critters.)

Antiphanes, ancient Greece, 388-311 BCE.

A strange race of critics,
They perform autopsies on
The poetry of the dead.
Sad bookworms,
They chew through thorns.

No poet’s too dull
For them to elucidate, these who defile
The bones of the great.
Callimachus attacked them like a dog.
Out! Into the long darkness.
Perpetual beginner, little gnat—
It is a poet you distract.


Music Will Never Be the Same

This is not how I wanted to start the year. . .

Before I found out about Lindsey Stirling, I would have called Neil Peart my favorite musician. He was obviously my favorite drummer, but that’s not saying much, as I know nothing about drumming. But I do know lyrics, and he was my favorite lyricist. His songs were poetry, as were his books. Ghost Rider is still my favorite noon-fiction book.

I was waiting at a bus stop when I saw the news on social media; someone said it looked like I got punched in the stomach, which is pretty much how I felt. But as sad as I was, I got over that quickly, because I then thought of how much his daughter and wife must be hurting. My feelings are inconsequential compared to what they’re going through.

Neil Peart, Rush, The Professor, Drummer,

For those who couldn’t appreciate Rush’s music, perhaps this video of the three of them having dinner will show you what we fans see in them. . .