No Tapas, Just Art

Took Iberian Airlines from Los Angeles to Madrid, will be taking them to Marrakesh tomorrow. First time on this airline, pleasant enough, no problems, if not the outright lusciousness of Icelandair or Air New Zealand. The flight attendants seemed more peppy than most I’ve seen on a transcontinental/transatlantic flight.

Had to do a last-minute fast read of the Morocco travel book I’d gotten from the library, because I’d immersed myself in this book, which is one of my favorite possessions. An incredible close-up of the famous painting Garden of Earthly Delights, page by page reveals things you can’t see when you’re standing in front of it in the Prado, though of course it’s even more awesome being in its presence. I still remember picking up this book for about 50 cents at a used book store a couple of blocks from the Academia San Carlos in Mexico City, then sitting in the Alameda for over an hour, simply flipping through and making delighted sounds that no doubt kept the tourists, locals, and especially the pancake vendors away from my bench.

But yes, nothing beats seeing it in person, even when you stand there contemplating it and people jostle for a better look around. For once I’m glad I look menacing. . . though some people are too stupid to check. . .


Sunday is always a Fun Day

Shooting UCLA volleyball and soccer today, hoping to check out the new Pauley Pavilion, and then taking off in the weeeee hours for Morocco via Madrid. Hopefully I’ll have enough of a layover to visit the Prado and my old friend the Garden of Earthy Delights. . . the painting, that is.

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Temporary or not?

On the one hand, I’ve kinda had it with waiting for Blogger and Google to clean up their act as regard to photos; the issue has been going on for too long and I’m far from the only one affected. On the other foot, my business cards have the blogspot address on it, so I can’t just abandon that either. So for now my blogger has a message to come here, and who knows what’ll happen later.

To start things off on a silly foot, here’s a strange photo from UCLA volleyball a few weeks ago, which might as well be called “Siamese blockers.”