Recently Liked Songs

I use trips, especially long flights, to search for new music or, more likely, really get into recent songs I’ve chosen. I’ll play them over and over again until the music and lyrics—provided they enunciate—seep into my long-term memory like osmosis.

So, with that lovely visual, let’s get to a few new tunes I recommend.

A Changed Man

A few yours ago my musician friend Ali Handal was kind enough to gift me a subscription to a website called Indie Eclectic, which sadly is no more. For I think $20–when it wasn’t free like this–you could have all the songs on there, some from famous artists. Of course I looked at all the not-so-famous ones, and aside from Tastiskank–more on them in another blog–my only find was Far Beyond Frail. Dave is an excellent songwriter and guitarist, and Sharlynn has an underrated voice that sneaks up on you at just the right time. This is only their latest amazing tune; as I wrote to them, once every couple of years I love a song the first time I hear it, and this is that song. {It’s also gratifying when they write back!}. The song should still be free at the link above, on the title header. Go get it.


Lindsey Yung is not just one of my fave musicians; she’s one of my fave people too; ask her something about turtles and see her light up. As I told her recently, she just keeps getting better and better as a songwriter, as evidenced by this soft yet powerful song, which was also for free at her website the last time I checked, so don’t tarry. At the very least watch the video at the title link.


With a driving beat, probably Marina V‘s hardest and fastest song ever, it describes her obsession for. . . well, whoever she’s singing about. This is right up there with You Make Me Beautiful as Marina’s best ever. Compare the videos at their links above. Even though the new album isn’t officially out yet, you can buy it here, but I suggest you go to her website and contribute some cash to the funding of said new album; that way you’ll get all the completed songs right away to download, and the CD when it comes out.

Leave the Lights On

Seriously, who couldn’t love the cuteness personified that is Meiko? Every time I see her I think back to the young girl who was my waitress at Hotel Café, and it makes me smile. Like Lindsey and Marina, she just keeps getting better; enjoy the video to this song here, and kudos to the director for doing it all in one take.

Laugh So Hard You Cry

There isn’t much I can say as to why this is my fave of Natalie Gelman’s songs–I also recommend Streetlamp Musician–but it showcases her deep voice and lovely lyrics; especially love the rhymes on this one. See it here.

The Wreckers

Rush releases a new album and you think they’re not going to make this list? Actually, I found the music not that much of a big deal, unlike most critics–for a change–but loved the story of the entire concept album–and novel–particularly the lyrics. However, there is one song that will be at the top of my best of 2012, and that’s this one, which you can listen to here. In case your historical curiosity gets the best of you, as it usually does me, don’t just look up shipwreckers in Ireland and Scotland, but ask the internet how Nag’s Head, North Carolina was named. . .

And I couldn’t help adding some of the lyrics, especially the chorus:

The breakers roar/ on an unseen shore
In the teeth of a hurricane/we struggle in vain
A hellish night/a ghostly light
Appears through the driving rain
Salvation in a human chain

All I know is that sometimes you have to be wary
Of a miracle too good to be true
All I know is that sometimes the truth is contrary
Everything in life you thought you knew
All I know is that sometimes you have to be wary
‘Cause sometimes the target is you

Driven aground/with that awful sound
Drowned by the cheer from ashore
We wonder what for
The people swarm/through the darkling storm
Gather everything they can score
Until their backs won’t bear any more
   Yep, there’s been fucked-up people all throughout history. . .

Riddle the Sphinx’s latest album

It isn’t often this band–made up of two entertainment lawyers and an aging hippie who’s the most normal of the trio–releases an album, but it’s always a cause for celebration. . . albeit the strange celebrations that only Christiane’s wicked imagination can conjure. Far too difficult to pick just one song, though I did manage to cut it down to the five best: Hey You, Professional Pretender, Skies of Aleyeska, Small Sacrifice, and One Man Band, though even then I might add I See You in Everyone. I’d heard many of these songs live–Skies something like 5 years ago!–as well having gotten a preview of the whole album a couple of years ago at Christiane’s place {After Sledgefest, but that’s another story. . . which is on the blogspot site, if you’re that curious.}. Like I told her when I heard that preview, I hope that middle part of Hey You is the closest she ever gets to rapping. . . here’s a video of the title song.

Enjoy the aural deliciousness. . .


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