Late with the Decompression

Back in October there was a huge festival in downtown El Lay billed as a Decompression party after Burning Man. Twenty bucks to get in, but considering how many times I’ve seen my friend Christiane in concert without getting a good shot of her, I figured I could shell it out. Yet even with an outdoor show I ran into trouble: the reflective bunting hanging from the top of the stage cast a leaf-shaped shadow across her face, at times making her look like she was wearing a Mardi Gras mask. Oh well, I managed. It helped that Burgundy the bassist was clear of shadows, as well as Chris’s husband Sean doing his comic/magic act after.

And then we crawled around the whole place for hours, the highlight being the 3-D tent; if you have the glasses, you can still the flower photo comin’ at ya. . .


Burg sees me. . . oh oh


The Angel Brigade


Probably the best shot I’ll ever get of her. . .


She won’t let me borrow her halo!

!!296 robot

I HOPE she’s doing the robot. . .


Sean marveling at his wife. . . I think

!!821-step into my lair

Step into my lair. . .


Burgundy on your shoulder much better than a parrot.

!!908--turning trix

Sean turning trix again. . .


Sean needs to shave. . .

!!1007-shooting mandala

Chris shooting Burgundy’s. . . mandala


Now you see why Chris wears a halo. . .


That girl scares me. . .


Zaiden learning to salute. . . from Sean


Ireland going for a mock plane ride. . .


I can’t tell ya how much I loved the 3-D tent. . .





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