Travel Theme: Transportation

This week on the Ailsa Travel Channel, the theme is transportation. . . in case you missed the title. So here goes. . .

We start with the silliest, at least for the subject we have. Sure, it’s transportation, but I think I’d rather be on the Titanic. . .




I would need another ride to get down to the horsies first. . . and then I’d probably be distracted by the chessboard, hoarding people onto it to play the pieces. . .

salzburg 2


Here’s a smoother ride, mostly because the journey is so much shorter, and Stockholm is so beautiful you don’t even notice you’re seasick. . .



Definitely get seasick–as well as bored–on this puppy.

nayarit boat


I love how people assume this shot is from 50 years ago, so I can get huffy and scream, “I’m not that friggin’ old!” Actually about 15 years old, the black&white helps. . .

not that long ago


And there I go, gently wafting away. . .

you know it



Tell me what you think I need to know. . .

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