Top 15 Photos of 2012 {mine, of course}

My New Year’s tradition appears to be looking out the window to see the stealth flying over the Rose Parade. Thank you for not doing it at the very beginning and waking me. . .

Sometimes it feels like fun choosing my favorite/best shots of the year, other times it seems like work. . . and then both at the same time. . .

Note: there are more than 15 shots here, but a few are lumped into the same theme, which as far as I’m concerned makes it okay.

15. Mary Ann and Paulina are stars: Two of my favorite musicians in exactly the same place, the front stage of Altadena’s Coffee Gallery



14. Aztec dancer strutting his stuff. . .


13. Sean Kinney helping people decompress from Burning Man by showing his limp wand. . .


12. Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island


11. Natalie Gelman loves to smirk when the photographer is shooting into the sun. . .


10. Three Bruin servers. . .







9. Endeavor’s last flight


8. Shannon Curtis musically emoting. . .


7. Jackie and Mack Robinson


6. Former ballerina Zoe flying. . .


5. Christiane decompressing everyone with her sunniness


4. Frustrated rat catcher! {my fave nekutse at LACMA. . . you really can’t get how tiny it is from this}

!frustrated rat catcher

3. Natalie Gelman loves her job. . .



2. Tusks!

Page Museum, La Brea Tar Pits

Page Museum, La Brea Tar Pits

1. Art Deco flower, Getty mountaintop garden



2 thoughts on “Top 15 Photos of 2012 {mine, of course}

  1. The Aztec Dancer and Jackie and Mack Robinson are really great shots. Well observed and well captured. There are plenty of other good ones there but these two are my favourites πŸ™‚


    • Thank ya kindly!

      The Aztec dancer was moving ferociously, very hard to catch a non blur of him–luckily it was a sunny day. Jackie and Mac were both amazing athletes–Mac finished 2nd to Jessie Owens at the 1936 Olympics–so I was glad they were standing still! ;o)


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