Ear worm brain splinter

What do you do when you can’t get a song out of your head? Give in and play it over and over until you’re sick of it? Listen to something else in hopes it takes its place? Stab yourself in the head with an icepick?

Last night I watched, for the 1873rd time, the episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds” from the amazing TV series Firefly. Even though it was late at night and I was very sleepy, as soon as it was over I returned to the beginning, during the inadvertent wedding, with the one and only Christina Hendricks dancing to what turned out to be a reworked and much more melodic version of Pachabel’s Canon. . . so I guess playing it over and over doesn’t help, or maybe I’m not sick of it yet.

This morning I’ve been tirelessly searching for the download, only to find it wasn’t included in the official soundtrack. Did find what amounts to a cover version, and while it sounds great, I think it loses something by playing the melody on the fiddle rather than the flute. On the other hand, I just bought it, so. . .

Hear it here, if this intrigued you enough. . .



4 thoughts on “Ear worm brain splinter

  1. Never would have recognized it as Pachelbel’s Canon – one of my favourite pieces of music – but an interesting variation with a very Celtic feel to it. Stands up on it’s own. Thanks for sharing. – Suzan –


    • I played them back to back and still couldn’t recognize it. On the other hand, I played this for serveral musician friends and they got it right away. Weird. . . ;o)


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