Travel Theme: Glass

This week on the Ailsa travel blogging network, the theme is. . . yeah,, you’ve already read the title.

I love glass art; I somehow manage to spend hours on every trip to Venice just watching them make the stuff, and even occasionally remembering to photograph. I don’t even feel the heat, which is saying a lot. And when they dunk it in water it feels like I’m in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, though thankfully less stinky. Anyhuey, here’s a couple of artsy glassy shots.

Unfortunately I’m not sure where I shot this, though I know in what block of Los Angeles: it was either at LACMA or CAFAM, which to the uninitated means Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Craft And Folk Art Museum, basically across the street from each other. I even know what it’s called: Red Blue Combination Arc, by Harvey Littleton.

red blue combination arc,harvey littleton


This one I remember exactly where it’s located. You might recall last week I had a photo of shrimp drying on a sidewalk. That was shot on a tiny island known as Mexcaltitan, on the western coast of Mexico, known as the Latin Venice because its circular streets flood and become canals. It was popular about 10 to 15 years ago, but now not so much. This shot comes from the same island, in the tiny musuem there. It’s an admittedly simplistic representation of the Aztec legend of the founding of Tenochtitlan, which later became Mexico City. According to the story, the Aztecs were to stop wandering and settle in a place where they see an eagle sitting on a cactus, eating a snake. Of course that’s all it is–a legend–and there’s some evidence this myth didn’t show up till much later, but hey, it’s still a lovely work. . .

stained glass aztecs




14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Glass

  1. As amazing it is to watch a lump of clay become a work of art, it’s even more so for glass. When a glassblower places the stick in the fire and puts his mouth to the end, it’s inconceivable that something as amazing as that colorful wave in the first picture will be the result. . . ;o)


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