Top 15 Funny Songs on My Player

There are days when I can’t wait to get out of the studio, in case airheadedness is catching. . .

In all honesty, this should probably be called the Funniest Songs You’ve Never Heard. . .


15 High Heel Blues–Halie Loren

A cover, originally by Patricia Andress, with jazzy sound effects in the vocals. Exactly what it sounds like, a little a capella ditty about not being able to control herself in shoe shops. Seriously, Halie, find a group already. . .


14 Porn Mom–Schmushkin

Again, exactly what it says. This guy runs into a girl who looks just like a lady he saw in a porno long ago, and is convinced this has to be her daughter. He still thinks fondly of how she made “Butt sex look fun. . .”


13 Ooops, I Fucked You Again–Tastiskank!

What Britany Spears really meant. Best line: “But when you tell me I’m beautiful. . . goddamn!”


12 Things We Like–Machu Picchu

A long list of couplings, with the first part being “Things we like,” followed by a “things we don’t like” that makes the first part funny. Like: “Things we like: baking soda! Things we don’t like: A very muscular arm. . . holding a red hammer.” One of the singers has an amazingly clear and beautiful voice, which somehow makes things even funnier, especially when combined with the other ditzy voice.


11 Better Than Neil–Nathan Fillion (Dr. Horrible Commentary)

Just the fact that Nathan Fillion is singing makes it classic comedy, as we’ll see again later. This tune is from the commentary, with Nathan telling us all the myriad ways he’s. . . yes, better than Neil Patrick Harris. Near the end he does a long row of rhymes and makes you think he’s going to do the classic line, but switches it up at the last moment: “My hammer, the pe. . . ople can tell, that I’m awfully swell, while Neil has a weird smell, I’m just saying Purell. . .”


10 Almost Even–Halie Loren

Halie’s back, this time with her own tune, the one that long ago caused me to call her a “jealous harpy”. . . in the nicest way possible, of course. Best line: “If I pushed you off a cliff, I’ll catch ya the next time.”


9 Female Friends–Sebastian Bach (not either of the 2 more famous ones)

Seb wants to fuck every girl he comes across. . . “even some of my male relatives.”


8 When I’m With You–Nikki Katt

You think it’s a beautiful paean to love, until you get to the chorus: “When I’m with you, I want to bash in your head. . . but I get drunk and then we fuck instead. . .”


7 Tongue Tied–Red Dwarf

Just watch. . .


6 Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury—Rachel Bloom.

I won’t insult your intelligence by actually explaining this to you. . . even if I explained the previous ones.


5 Internet is for Porn–Avenue Q

There are approximately a billion mash-ups of this thing, which again is self-explanatory.


4 Fuck You song–Nikki Katt

To Pink Floyd’s The Wall {everybody sing along!}: All in all you’re just a. . .nother dick with no balls. . .


3 Sex Song—Tastiskank

Again, just watch. . .


2 My Special Man–Alison Block

Good thing she doesn’t feel this way about all her doctors: You know he ain’t no wussy/spendin’ all day ‘round that much. . . vagina.


1 Everyone’s a Hero–Nathan Fillion (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog)

Captain Hammer is trying to pump up the homeless people, but only succeeds in making himself look good. . . so he thinks, anyway. . .




Tell me what you think I need to know. . .

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