Travel theme: Up

This week on the Aisla travel channel, the theme is UP. Since I have no photos of a house carried away by balloons, I’ll have to make do; my fear of heights doesn’t come into play here, thankfully, but vertigo can be a problem, staring up at things like this glass skyscraper in Mexico City.


And then there’s these crazy boys who  thought this stuff would be fun. . . or else one of their gods told them to do it, but it must have been a pretty specific request.


Staying in Mexico for one more photo, a lamp decoration from the tiniest land-that-time-forgot town in the Sierras.

barranca lights

There’s nothing worth looking up more–damn, that’s an awkward phrase–than fireworks.

bye bye
Changing gears a bit, this is how you fly without wings. . .


And just because Aisla has a photo of the Space Needle, I have one too, except I actually laid down on the gum-enctrusted cement to get it. .

Space Neeeeeeeeedle



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