Travel Theme: Walls

This week on the Ailsa travel blogging network, it’s all about the most necessary of all architectural features. . . other than the floor, of course. Since I already did a whole blog on the the piece of Berlin Wall in El Lay, I shall refrain from including it here. . . I know, I know, sometimes I’m staggered by my own fortitude as well. . .

we start in Chemainus, a small town on Vancouver Island that some friends took me to a few years back. When the fishing industry went belly-up–hey, an appropriate use of that metaphor!–they painted a lot of murals and made themselves into a tiny tourist mecca.

Scan10203 Scan10204 Scan10205 Scan10206 Scan10207 Scan10208

Xochicalco is a little visited Aztec site south of Mexico City, but it has glorious carvings in its buildings, particularly my ol’ buddy Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent. {And nice earring, bro!}

plumed seprent xochicalco earrings

A relief from a musuem in Europe, can’t remember which. . .


Ad for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, in the Autry Museum, across from the Los Angeles Zoo.


And we end with a radion station in Mexico City, oddly enough right next to the blue skyscraper from the previous of these blogs. . .


BeeTeeDubya, for those who missed my funny songs blog, and since Ailsa mentioned the Pink Floyd song, a little parody for when you’re tossing out your boyfriend {make sure you sing it with the same tune}: “All in all you’re just a. . .nother dick with no balls. . .”


20 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Walls

  1. Don’t lean on Quetzy, he’s a serpent and he might bite you! And don’t try to steal the earring! ;o)

    Actually did a blog on my old site about the Quetzalcoalt exhibit at LACMA, if you’re really into him. . .


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