Top 15 Outings of 2012

Goethe said “You must either be the hammer or the nail.”
Nathan Fillion, or more likely Joss Whedon, said, “The hammer is my penis.”
And that’s all I know about hammers. . . Sledge Hammer didn’t say anything worth quoting on the subject. . .

15. Petrie Museum in London

14. Angkor Wat/VB Oct 19

13. Ali Handal and Scout

12. Lindsey Yung

11. Shannon Curtis Pasadena

10. Gymnastics/Gershwin

9. Decompression

8. Natalie Gelman/Art Zoo/Annenburg (two seperate blogs)

7. Hilary Hahn

6. Cleopatra

5. Carmina Burana

4. Natalie Gelman/Marina V

3. Spamalot (in 2 parts, here and here

2. UCLA archaeology open house

1. Somewhere In Time


Since I’m in the top 15 mood, here’s the list of the past couple of years. To see these, go to and look through the tags.

Top 15 Outings of 2011

15. Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Hollywood)

14. FLYING (Above El Lay)

13. Dr. Kara Cooney at the movies (Hollywood)

12. Cirque gal (Downtown LA)

11. UCLA Gymnastics (Westwood)

10. Rush concert (live) (Universal City)

9. Archaeology Open House (Westwood)

8. UCLA Volleyball (Westwood)

7. Shannon Curtis Front Yard Fest (South Pasadena)

6. Women’s World Cup Soccer (Germany)

5. River dance (Hollywood)

4. Flying Over Tepuis (Venezuela)

3. Avenue Q (Hollywood)

2. Dangerous Beauty (Pasadena)

1. Halie Loren (Western San Fernando Valley)

Top 15 Outings of 2010

15. Women’s Figure Skating finals at the Olympics (Vancouver)
14. Jesse Cook at Club Nokia (Downtown El Lay)
13. Mary Ann Graham at Coffee Gallery (Altadena)
12. Shannon Hurley and Marina V at Warner Park (West San Fernando Valley)
11. Halloween volleyball and CCK (Westwood, El Lay)
10. Sledge Hammer Fest & CCK (El Lay)
9. British Museum (London)
8. Observatory with Genevieve (Griffith Park)
7. Shannon Curtis in her front yard (South Pasadena)
6. Archaeology open house and Mystery Bookstore with Jennifer Colt (Westwood)
5. Alicia W at Hotel Café (Hollywood)
4. UCLA Gymnastics vr Utah (Westwood)
3. Genevieve at San Gennaro Festival (Hollywood)
2. UCLA Volleyball vr U Dub (Westwood)
1. Sherlock Holmes museum (London)


Tell me what you think I need to know. . .

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