Travel Theme: Bridges

E.M. Forster: The so-called white races are really pinko-grey

It’s that time again, the latest playdate with the Ailsa travel blogging network. . . every Friday, like clockwork. This time we’re looking at ways across the river or other bodies of water; I just hope no one posts a photo of Jeff Bridges. . .

We start in one of the most desolate places in Mexico to go hiking–though you can go by pony instead–a deep chasm with only one way across. . .

michoacan rapids

A similar spectacle, albeit not nearly as remote, on the Washington-Oregon border, otherwise known as the Land of Multomah. . .


An Amsterdam icon


And we’ll end at the Huntington Library, with selections from the Chinese and Japanese gardens, including the famous half-moon bridge that is no longer painted this bright beautiful color. . .




{And a portion of the previous. . .}





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