OG, It’s a Corgie!

Spent my Sunday at the St. David’s Day Festival, otherwise known as the Welsh Fair, their version of St. Paddy’s. I played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the harp and got a lot more excited about it than I should have been.
Best flag evah! No simple crosses.
!IMG_8308--best flag evah

Cheapest dragon evah!


Isle of Man representin’!. . . wait, this is the best flag evah! “No matter which way you throw me, I will stand.”


Every festival needs a wizard.
!IMG_8323 druid wizard

This Druid wizard had a tie underneath. . .
!IMG_8324 druid wizard tie

Where can I find one?. . . not talking about the shirt.
!IMG_8328--where can i find one

There’s that Walmart dragon again. . .
!IMG_8330 wlamart dragon

Yes, I know it’s sideways, but it looks better this way, trust me.

More like a miniature fox

My nose is yummy!


Corgi supermodel–according to the training lady, Corgis have that depression in the middle of their backs because the fairies take them out at night and saddle them for rides. . .

Headlining the festival via Australia, Sionhan Owen

She ended with a cool Welsh tonguetwister that she claimed was about counting goats of all colors. . .

Closing ceremonies choir




Tell me what you think I need to know. . .

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