Travel Theme: International Women’s Day

So. . . with a huge tummyache last night, then my mother calling at 5 to say she fell out of bed, “but that’s okay, go back to sleep,” why am I awake right now?
Onward. Ailsa has chosen International Women’s Day for this week’s challenge, and a challenge it is. Here’s my dilemma: I have literaly 1000s of photos I could use here, but none of them incredibly iconic, as in representative of an entire gender. {I certainly don’t have any that could represent Men’s day, but that’s another story.}
So, this is the best I can do. . . without adding a violet lotus similar to the one Ailsa has on hers.

This is probably as close as a living female can get to Earth Mother these days

16--not worthy, goddess

You had to be at the wedding to know why I include this here, I guess, but here’s another appearance by my buddy Christiane:

3-23 - Crop

On the ceiling in the Griffith Observatory in El Lay, keeping Foucault’s Pendulum company:

IMG_0863--and the naked girl

And we finish with what I like to call “Gaia downcast,” because she’s standing in the middle of this square in Mexico with a lamppost growing out of her head. . .

gaia downcast


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