Silly Monday

So. . .

On my first day back in El Lay, I. . .

Had a fun time at the bank

Bought sinus medicine and reading glasses. . . (I can’t believe I just admitted that, but my double vision is getting worse)

DIDN’T buy a small digital camera at Radio Shack (cuz they didn’t have the one I wanted)

Walked to the mall (Who says nobody walks in El Lay?)

Ran through the perfume counters of the big store that shall not be mentioned. (allergic)

Arrived way earlier than I expected, so had to go into shops I usually don’t.

Ate some French fries.

Flirted with a couple of sales ladies in sporting goods stores, but did not buy the boots I wanted. . . because they didn’t have them.

Bought some Pez.

Bought a Brave backpack for a friend’s daughter’s birthday (though since it’s a redhead on the backpack, I may keep it)

Saw the new Star Trek movie (and finished off the way overpriced popcorn before the previews were over!)

Walked out of the mall just as the bus was arriving.

Turned on a computer for the first time in two weeks (and this is the result–big whoop)



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