Poetry Tuesday: Noon of Love

Due to my being in hiding yesterday on my birthday, where even the internet couldn’t reach me, there was no poetry Tuesday. However, the Astronomical Union has agreed to extend Tuesday for another 12 hours, so this still counts.
Here’s a little ditty that I couldn’t find on the interet (which would have made things so much easier). By John Arthur Blaikie, this is “The Noon of Love.” I think the best part is the imagery.

Westward each nightfall
When white lies the dew
Whre the stream makes a bright fall
Of moonrays for you.
While the night wind goes sighing
Over, crag, over hollow
Like a ghostly replying
To the snowy owl’s crying.
I the white waters follow
With lips still sweet from sweet lips kist
Like a spirit I pass
O’er the gleaming grass
Into the moon and the mist.



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