A Haunting Image that Never Existed

Reprint from my old blog–still haven’t been able to do it, so still valid.

Here’s something from a book called Double Image, by one of my fave authors, David Morrell. I don’t think it’s his best, but the protagonist is a photographer, and I enjoyed that part of it. . . especially this:

. . . naked and yet covered, draped with the chromium beads that hung on the walls of the dining room upstairs. She leaned with her customary natural grace against the blackness of the wall beyond the beads. She was angled slightly to the left, her head and body almost in profile but not quite, both her eyes visible, directed unashamedly toward the camera. Light came from the left, contributing a sheen to her lush black hair, making her dusky skin seem to glow and her dark eyes seem to have something burning within them. At the same time the light reflected off the strings of chromium beads, causing them to gleam with the simultaneous evocation of fire and ice.

Somebody help me!. . . either to create it or get it out of my mind!



Tell me what you think I need to know. . .

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