LA County Fair: Avians

The most interesting lady I saw at the fair–not counting mermaids of posters of Star Trek babes–was a Hispanic female teen wearing a Wesley Crusher shirt. . .
Okay, time to get your feathers together. . .

Emus always look so disapproving. . .

!IMG_4461 !IMG_4464

A really cute bubbly blonde–named Brittany, of course–told me a lot more about macaw mating habits than I ever wanted to know; all I asked was if they could tell each other apart by their colors. Okay, I think she was the most interesting. . .

!IMG_4541 !IMG_4542 !IMG_4550

I’m not much for genetics, but I’d like to thank the person who bred this orange guy, my favorite color. . .



2 thoughts on “LA County Fair: Avians

    • I think it’s more the red guy looking too happy at having his picture taken. . . again. But then, I heard of a fortune cookie that said, “You will buy a talking parrot, it will testify against you in court.”


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