Cello Shot

Zooming down Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica today, I happened to glace left as we passed 10th, to see the Dakota Lounge is now permanently closed. Looks like they never managed to recover from the fire that gutted the place a couple of years ago.
Before it was the Dakota Lounge, it was the Temple Bar, which basically consisted of a bunch of little Buddha-shaped candles all over. For me one of the highlights was they actually sold 7-Up rather than Sprite like everywhere else.
More importantly, it was a pretty cool music venue, where I particularly saw Raining Jane quite a few times. I also missed them on their CD release show because I had to attend a photography awards show–nominated for my Taj Mahal shot–but that’s another story that I already wrote about.
Anyhoo, after all that, my greatest memory of the place is one particular concert where the Janes experimented with lighting, resulting in this following photo which I call Cello Shot. . . I’m thinking cherry and lime. . .

you know it



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