Shield at Paley

Don’t remember if I mentioned it on the previous Paley Fest blog, but the Ariel Pez doesn’t look much like her, except for the red hair. The pink dress is just too jarring; find a way to give her a clam bra or a tail, dammit. Merida, on the other hand, is uncannily realistic, especially the long red curls; she already has a place of honor in my pocket. . . and no, that’s neither a euphemism nor a “That’s what she said!”
Mel’s again for another orange freeze, the place is much more full this time. Worked it so I wouldn’t be so early arriving at the Dolby, and found my ticket changed from balcony to the back of the floor, still far away but seemingly much closer. Cheesed my way to an empty row instead of seated in the middle and stepping over everyone, so I was feeling really good as the screen starts up with a scene from Sex in the City, with “Coleson” lying about being a doctor after sleeping with the redhead. . . and if you thought I knew their names, you have not been paying attention to this blog.
Finally one of the executive producers–not Joss Whedon–comes out to introduce what’s going on, getting all fan boy about “This is where they do the Oscars! That selfie was right down there!” Finally he remembered to tell us not to spoil–“that’s Latin for bad milk”–what we were about to see, which was the next episode, the one airing on, appropriately, April first. “You all now have level 7 clearance,” so act like it.
Approximately 40 minutes later:
Holy shit, I wanna tell everyone who the Clairvoyant is!

We quickly forgot about that as the moderator was introduced: Felicia Freakin’ Day! And things only got better when she squealed, “Happy Saturday. . . why is everyone laughing at that?”
Um, it’s Sunday. . .
She waves it off. “You don’t want to know what I did last night. . .”
As the cast is introduced, I’m a little horrified by that blue thing Chloe’s wearing {Holy shit, am I going to talk about fashion?} Chloe, look at Min-Na! That’s how you dress sexy!
The first thing that was said, and then said over and over, was that “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” opens April 4, and a new episode of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” airs April 8–though the guy called it the seventh a few times–and it might be good for you to watch both, in that order. Gotcha, though I’d be a lot more interested if Lady Sif made an appearance. . .
But as usual I digress. There was a fun part early on when Ming-Na and Chloe complained about how the writers never tell them anything, so of course Jed Whedon had to act out the cookiest sneaking around pantomime you’d ever want to see about the actors trying to sneak into the writer’s room.
The best moment, or moments, were about who were Skye’s parents. Ming-Na, who is a helluva lot funnier than May, said she wanted Skye to be the love child of May and Thor, with flashbacks to those scenes.” In case you didn’t know it, she has a huge crush on Helmsworth. Then Clark Gregg nailed it with, “I was gonna say Coulson and Sif.”
In case you haven’t figured it out, I love Sif. . .
Even better were the audience questions, with a lot of people dressed up–one kid was Coulson Jr.–and others sporting “Coulson lives!” shirts. One guy was sporting a shirt that screamed “Coulson Is My Homeboy,” and he pointed out that for a secret group S.H.I.E.L.D. had a lot of stuff with the logo, leading his homeboy to explain, “The organization is not a secret. What they do is.” Nicely put, though even the plane has an espresso machine with the logo. “And Fitz can give you a latte where the foam is the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo.”
Always loved Coulson, but Clark Gregg is cool as himself too. He even hopped off the stage to hug fans, and joked about how he came up with 11,000 Twitter aliases for the #coulsonlives thing.
One thing that I’m glad they got out of the way was the possibility of a romance for FitzSimmons. Thankfully the guy who plays Fitz says they’re too much like brother and sister for that. Elizabeth–Simmons–when asked which Marvel character she’d like to have a scene with, chose a cup of tea with Loki, leading “Coulson” to grunt, “I’ve been in a scene with Loki.” Since everyone there knew Loki had killed Coulson in Avengers 1, it got a big laugh.
Someone asked if Felicia might appear on the show, which most likely got the biggest applause. And of course the spunky redhead had to mention that the 10% was in the mail for the person who asked.
There was the requisite mention of Chloe’s past as a teen pop singer in China; I thought she’d be more embarrassed to have that pop up, especially when Felicia, who wasn’t aware of that, asked her to explain, but she seemed more resigned about it.
When it ended it seemed like everyone rushed up to the stage, even beating Security to it. Stayed a while, but figured it would take way too long if ever to get a couple of autographs and headed our for lunch, since I doubted either Ming-Na or Chloe would be joining me. . .

And now some Ladies of Paley. . .






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