Four Festivals

Saturday the temperature in the City of Angels fell to the comfortable low 90s. . . yippee.
After a quick trip to the Central library and the bank–where a cute teller recognized me; that never happens–it was off to Union Station for Train Day and the building’s 75th anniversary. A victim of its own success, the festival was jam-packed to the point where I spent more time wading through the crowds than looking at the exhibits. The line to board the trains on exhibit, as well as to take the 20 minute trip up to Glendale, were over an hour long, and since I didn’t think they were that big a deal the time I actually got to see them a couple of years ago, I moved on to Pasadena, which was having an Earth Day festival.
More walking around booths collecting brochures I’ll only read once, though I did win a raffle from the Pasadena Film Festival; don’t have the prize yet, though. Got a free tote bag, which takes care of Mother’s Day gifting, and also an orange from the Pasadena Chapter of the United Nations. There was a cool robot from Cal-Tech, but other than the Aztec dancers it was kinda meh.
Not much to say, or photograph, about the California Bookstore Day, so let’s move on to the South Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival. . . or try, because the heat and all the walking got to me to the point where I only got to say Hi to my musician friend Natalie Gelman but couldn’t stick around to see her play.
But possibly the highlight of the day was wandering around looking for a place to eat and seeing an upscale burger joint. . . that turned out to be a place that served beef patties half made of bacon! Plus more bacon, and there was bacon in the pretzel bun. . . and they were showing UCLA softball. As you might remember, I have a bacon wallet, which was a big hit with the waitresses, as you might expect. . .
Still, despite all that, not many photos. . .

just read the background

just read the background

Union Station chandelier

Union Station chandelier



cardboard robot

cardboard robot




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