Book Review: The Naive Guys

As usual, this tome was donated to the author of this review–i.e. me–in exchange for telling you what I thought about it. (Can you tell I’m running out of witty ways to say that? Shut up.)
This book was written by Harry Patz Jr, who is very active on Goodreads and even emailed me a couple of times. Seems like a pleasant enough guy. . . and yes, I know he’s reading this.
Other reviews talk about the nostalgia they felt when reading this book, set in the early 1990s. Even though I graduated from college the very same year, I didn’t feel that at all; on the contrary, most of the things he spoke about didn’t seem familiar to me. Maybe it was living on the other coast; most people claim California is more than a world away from Noo Yawk, where this mostly takes place, though there are trips to N’awlins, Hawaii, Vegas, and of course El Lay.
Mostly it’s a pleasant fictional autobiography of a young man right after graduating from college and finding a job he actually likes, for the most part. There’s also his shenanigans with his friends and a few dalliances with ladies; I somehow knew the Cuban princess would break his heart. One thing I could have used less of was the football and basketball game descriptions, but considering I live near the Rose Bowl and never go to my alma mater’s games, that’s probably just me.
So there’s nothing earth-shattering here, but it’s definitely an agreeable enough way to pass a few afternoons. . .

{BeeTeeDub, the movie Airplane! is spelled with an exclamation point. }



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