Top 15 Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler songs

In keeping with the weirdest top lists I can possibly come up with, and in honor of buying my ticket to see Mark Knopfler in concert this summer, here’s my list of favorite songs from both his solo and Dire Straits days.

15 Sons of Scotland (Shot at Glory)
Who else could make Scottish soccer interesting? (Don’t answer that!)

14 Your Latest Trick
That amazing sax sells it. . .

13 Skateaway
I can picture Rollergirl so well. . .

12 Going Home (Local Hero)
Hardly anyone remembers this movie for anything but this song. . .

11 Private Investigations
Film noir music. . . I think that genre–if there are enough examples to call it a genre–was invented here.

10 Portobello Belle
I think I saw this girl at the famous market once. . .

9 Boom Like That
If you hate McDonald’s, this is the song for you.

8 Once Upon a Time–Storybook Love (Princess Bride)
You love the movie, you love the song. . . now you know who does it.

7 Sultans of Swing
“When he gets up under the lights to play his thing. . .”

6 Romeo and Juliet
Make sure you get the fingersnaps in the right place.

5 Brothers in Arms
Ah, that guitar outro. . .

4 Silvertown Blues
This is how all songs should be crafted. . .

3 Telegraph Road
14 minutes of sheer awesome

2 Tunnel of Love
When’s the last time a guitar solo broke your heart?

1 Sailing to Philadelphia
Even without James Taylor this song would be the most amazing tune ever. . .


7 thoughts on “Top 15 Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler songs

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    Recently I had a flood of so-called ‘auto insurance’ companies’ spam, around 40 in one day, not even as a fake non relevant post comment but attached to a post image.. I’m surprized the spam-catcher didn’t catch this one.


    • Yeah, I’ve been getting them by the hundreds, so it’s not surprising some of them slip by. This one might have looked completely legit if it wasn’t for the car insurance thing. ;o)
      Sorry it bothered you.


  2. Thanks. .I’ve seen them get clever by ‘commenting’ on an image , vs post, but I’ve never seen one as a reply to someone else’s comment. .What’s weird is that when it first showed up in my ‘comments received’ there was an option to mark it as spam, and I did so, yet it didn’t go and remains in the list with no way to delete.. diabolical. .


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