New, Almost New, and Old TV Shows

A quick recap of my viewing habits as to debuts, waiting for debuts, and returning faves.

Grandfathered: good for a pilot, needs to be tighter. The second episode was actually worse, but you know I’ll watch anything with Paget Brewster. . .
Significant Mother: Still counts even if it’s basically done, right? At times incredibly hilarious, and isn’t it wonderful to see Krista Allen finally get to do something with her clothes on? I hope it comes back for a second season.
Quantico: Not at all what I expected. It’s not so much FBI training school as “How To Get Away With Terrorism.” As always the “detectives,” even the ones who trained her, are too stupid to realize she would have done a much better job of covering things up had it really been her. That was enough to get me to change the channel.
Blindspot: I will apparently watch Jaimie Alexander even when she’s not Lady Sif. Having her body completely tattooed is a great way to have a different mystery every week, yet still maintain a season-long plot. One issue with the pilot, though: why wouldn’t they have gotten a psychologist to speak to her before she was sent off to the safehouse to spend her first night alone? The memory guy the next morning is not the same. Okay, two issues: I don’t like the main actor.
Limitless: I’m not sure if this thing is trying to be a comedy or a drama; I don’t think it’s sure either. I wish Jen Carpenter would find a role where she’s not the just the straight woman, but so far I’m enjoying this more than I thought I would.
The Player: This is so much not my usual fare, with the plot nothing more than an overwhelming excuse for mayhem, but there’s something special about the blonde’s snarks and Wesley Snipes’ cheerful threats that keep me coming back.

Looking forward to:
Supergirl: Not much for the superhero genre, but the puppy photo alone intrigues me enough to want to check it out.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: If Rachel Bloom can do anything close with this as she did with Fuck Me Ray Bradbury, I will watch every week. Anyone who wants to sleep with an octogenarian sci-fi legend gets my vote.
Angel From Hell: I’ll watch anything with Maggie Lawson.
Criminal Minds Beyond Borders: It has Alana De La Garza in it. Enough said.

Returning shows
Castle: So, after the whole mating dance, the postponed wedding, surviving yet another conspiracy. . . they break up? Because no matter what words Beckett uses to sugarcoat it, that’s exactly what happened. Ridiculous. The showrunners say they have a plan, but by the time they get to it, everyone will have left.
NCISLA: I don’t care what else they do this season; “LAPD Bimbo Squad!” cannot be surpassed.
Whose Line Is It Anyway?: More, please. That’s all.
Penn & Teller Fool Us: Most of the magicians know they’re not going to fool the legends, but at least it inspires them to give a great show on the off-chance they might get hired, and how often do they get on TV anyway? But the best part of this show is the delicious rare moments when Penn looks completely dumbfounded and/or befuddled. . .
Scorpion: I was losing the love for this one toward the end of last season, but with Alana De La Garza on at least for a little while before moving to her new show. . .


Tell me what you think I need to know. . .

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