So. . . after so many years of wanting to go to the biggest event in the music business, I finally crashed the party. . . only to find it really wasn’t much of a party.
What was it? Basically like all the photography and travel conventions I’ve been to, except with musical instruments and other stuff geared toward musicians, producers, and music stores. I’ve never seen so many guitars in my life, and I’ve never felt so useless. In addition I expected to run into a lot of people I know, not just the ones whom I knew would be there in a booth or playing live. In the end there was only one; hi Steve!
So what made it special? Live music! Been far too long since I’ve seen my old faves Raining Jane, even if it was just four new songs. And toward the end of the long day I got to see new friend Margot Lane play her violin for the first time. So there was that. . .

!IMG_4950 !IMG_4951 !IMG_4969 !IMG_4990 !IMG_5051 !IMG_5078 !IMG_5141 !IMG_5168 !IMG_5180


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