Music Review: Shannon Curtis’ Creationism

Another new album from the prolific LuvTunGrl, as I call her (and have to explain to her every time). Jamie Hill, who is Shannon’s husband and musical partner in crime, will tell you how much I prefer acoustic—just the singer and the piano in this case—which is why I think he adds these beats and whirly and other sound effects: to piss me off. Thankfully Shannon’s voice carries the songs so that I can ignore most of that stuff.

Who Do You Think You Are?
A perfect example of what I said above. Lyrically I don’t find this as good as most of hers, but since it’s got great music and is basically a showcase for her vocals, who can complain? Especially when the chorus rises so deliciously. . .

She Writes It
A slow start to this surprisingly poppy song, but like the first one it’s all in the chorus. The lyrics are a beautiful twist on the girl power theme. My fave on the album. Could be a power anthem for female writers.

For the most part the beat is the only music behind Shannon’s voice, which is both good and bad. This one is too sparse to really get into, despite her breathy tone.

Little Life
Another sparse tune; without much of a melody it’s hard to remember.

The Stillness
Is that a Theremin? (Not according to the artist herself, but how cool would that have been?) I thought it was a sweet little love song at first, but I have to confess I’m not at all sure what’s it’s about by the end.

Roaring Flame
This is the most driving song, and oddly it’s the most obvious love song. About overcoming obstacles and all that, which you wouldn’t expect from the title.

Let’s Pretend
Very melodic tune that makes me think of little girl best friends.

Come Away
This one is as gentle as a lullaby, though it reads more like a love proposal. Sweet is indeed what Shannon does best.

Last Night Ever
This is Shannon’s second tune on the end of the world theme; the other, Lay Me Down, is one of my faves, and this one is up there too. Don’t leave this plane of existence with regrets. (Woulda given this one a perfect 5 if it didn’t have that weird beat that was almost like another attempted melody.)

Particle Collision
Ignoring the title, this is reminiscent of Shannon’s earlier work, with the musicbox-type intro, spiced with a cello.

So overall, and going extra fractional, I’m giving this album 4.25/5. The only downside is there’s nothing here that can compete, or rather compare to, “I Know, I Know,” though “She Writes It” comes close.



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