Book Reviews: Graphitti

“I had no idea my back could hurt from riding a horse all day!”
“Next time use a softer horse.”

C21st Gods #1
Futuristic cops—flashy cars and guns but still grungy clothes—look for a missing rich blonde and find her gruesomely sacrificed. One of them gets cut up, but his partner chooses to stay with the blonde’s body rather than helping him. This is after he shoots the killer, who by the time the reinforcements show up has disappeared after falling out a high window. There’s a cover-up, but he won’t let it drop.
An adequate introduction to the story, but hoping for more in the next, otherwise it’ll turn boring in a hurry.
The artwork is relative simple, which makes the shots with intestines hanging out all the more gruesome.

Battlestar Galactica: Six
Basically the making of 6, from a mining planet to some more civilized world where she has amnesia, then back to the mining planet in a flashback. All quite confusing.
Best line: “Never knew miners could be such a bunch of whiny little bitches.”
“The mystery box.” Wow, good to have such upstanding psychiatrists taking care of you.
There’s a discussion on identity, about numbers being just as good as names, that reminded me of The Prisoner.
Even with Cylons, sex makes everything better.
This story can’t get out of its own way. Tried to be deep, was only incomprehensible.
Bonus alternate covers.

Centurion and Emperador
A story about “The James Brown of four-legged animals.” Yup, you read that right: dancing horses. The horses are real; you can make up your own mind as to whether this story actually happened.
Gamble Ranch has a duck who wants to be a momma. The storks deliver horses, and the two threads collide. Like reindeer, the other horses make fun of them for not running right. After coming in last at the local race, they heard music and couldn’t keep from dancing. They’re a big hit, and the other horses, none of whom can dance, have an epiphany and stop being jerks.
Text alternates with artwork. The animals are drawn like cartoons. So no doubt this is intended for kids, as it would be too simplistic and boring for teens and older.

Charlaine Harris’ Grave Surprise
Harper Connelly sees dying people, as in literally their last moment. She received this “gift” from a lightning strike. She finds a girl’s body when she doesn’t expect to, things quickly get worse when it turns out to be the one she was hired to find in the past and couldn’t. So obviously a suspect.
Told in first person, with a lot of boring obvious narration—this is our hotel, I’m drinking a soda, etc. A long digression at the movie theater, that kind of thing. Feels padded. There’s even a few pages of ads for other novels at end.
As a paranormal mystery it works, but barely. Too many coincidences that weren’t explained, and the reader isn’t given any clues to figure out who the culprit is. Disappointing in that sense. The artwork is okay, but nothing special.


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