Travel Thursday Encores

To my surprise, someone asked me why I stopped doing my Travel Thursday blogs. Very simple answer: I ran out of stories! And due to some health issues in the family I have not traveled for almost two years now, so no new content. I had tried squeezing some more juice out of trips I didn’t blog much about, like the last one to Jordan, but that always takes a back burner to other stuff.
So instead I’m going to repost some of the old travel blogs, since there are a lot of new subscribers since then. The first few are from a trip about six years ago, when I was hired to shoot a number of places in Morocco and Tunisia, including some of the places where scenes from the original Star Wars were shot. But the first post is about where I first landed. . .

Took Iberian Airlines from Los Angeles to Madrid, the same airline I’ll be using to go to Marrakesh after an afternoon and night in the Spanish capital. This was my first time on this airline, and was pleasant enough, without any problems but lacking the outright lusciousness of Icelandair or Air New Zealand. The flight attendants seemed more peppy than most I’ve seen on a transcontinental/transatlantic flight.
Knowing I had that much time in Madrid, I knew I would immediately toodle over to the Prado museum, because I’d be visiting yet again my favorite painting in the world, Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. It’s like visiting an old friend. Before leaving I once again went through one of my favorite possessions, a giant book that has page after page of incredible closeups of the famous painting, revealing things you can’t see when you’re standing in front of the real thing, though of course it’s even more awesome being in its presence. I still remember picking this book up for about 50 American cents at a used book store a couple of blocks from the Academia San Carlos in Mexico City, then sitting in the Alameda for over an hour, simply flipping through and making delighted sounds that no doubt kept the tourists, locals, and especially the pancake vendors away from my bench.
But as I said, nothing beats seeing it in person, even when you stand there contemplating it for what seems like hours and people jostle for a better look, though careful to avoid me. For once I’m glad I look menacing. . .


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