Dream of Mexico

So on Travel Thursday Encore last week, I wrote about one time in Mexico City where I did some spy training. . . part two coming up tomorrow. I’ve also been watching a Netflix show about several large cities around the world and their problems, with Mexico City the latest one.
And now, to my shock, I wanna go play tourist. . .
Mexico City, skyscraper, Torre Latinamericana
Similarly, I was huge into archaeology as a kid, thanks to that darned Indiana Jones. But even before that I found it fascinating, as I was looking through my mom’s photos and found myself at Monte Alban when I was about eight. Traveling throughout Mexico throughout the years, I’ve been to just about every site. . . except I always miss Tula!
Then in college I made the mistake of taking a field archaeology class. So it turns out I suck at both digging and examining what the digging uncovered. I was pretty good at finding sites, but that’s another story.
So that was that as far as a career, but I still love visiting sites. Just a couple of years ago I was in Jordan for my third time photographing Petra, and spent two days shooting everything, not just the famous part. Also whiled a day away at Jerash, a site hardly anyone has ever heard of.
Flash forward to thirty years later, or more like a couple of months ago, when I’m watching a Great Courses series on Mexican archaeology (if you have a Los Angeles city or county library card, you can watch them for free on Hoopla and Kanopy). As well as the series on South American archaeology, I find myself wanting to get back into that, especially finding sites. At the end of the Mexico series the professor, who is awesome, talked about wanting to look for evidence of a South American connection with the western coast of Mexico, and since that’s where my dad lives, it would be really easy for me to nip down there for some scouting. . . were some archaeology department disposed to pay my way, of course.


Tell me what you think I need to know. . .

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