Music Monday: Silk Stalkings

When asked what musician gets the most residuals, or whatever it’s called, for times his song has been played, particularly on TV, you’d be hard pressed to come up with the name Mike Post, but fact is, every time a rerun of any of the Law and Orders comes on, he gets some cash because he wrote the theme song, along with many other TV themes. He also has a connection with last week’s Classical Gas mention, but that’s besides the point and only included to whet your appetite.
Some years ago there was a TV show called Silk Stalkings, about a cop duo set in Palm Beach. Lotta sex, lotta flirty banter between the leads, one of them being the exquisite Mitzi Kapture {she was so much hotter than her name leads you to believe, trust me}. And one of the most lasting features of the show was its theme song. According to the composer, the show’s creator said the key word for the song was “humid,” then told him to lock himself in room and not come out till the music was “sweaty.”
Yeah, you don’t have to know anything about the show to get that when you hear it. . .


Tell me what you think I need to know. . .

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