To quote Benny Hill: I’ve been traveling around the world, looking for a girl, too proud to have her husband go to work.”

Maybe not true–haven’t found her yet–but it’s better than saying I get paid to travel and take photographs, as it never fails to inspire envy and outright hatred. Have been to over 150 countries–always excepting North Korea–every American state, ever Canadian province, and I think every Mexican state as well, though I still have to double-check that. I’m in no hurry to get to North Korea, because after that my next frontier would be space or the moon or Mars, and I get hella seasick in zee-row gee.

UCLA grad and huge fan of the women’s volleyball and gymnastics teams, as well as some others. Not a football fan, though obviously when they’re winning I check the scores more often. I miss John Wooden more than I can possibly say. . .

BeeTeeDubya: Just as a quick reminder, because I’ve been asked this a lot–most if not all of my trips are paid for by the people paying me to take the photos, and according to the contract I cannot use any of those photos I take for personal reasons, like putting them here. I hardly ever seen them anyway. ;o)

18 thoughts on “About

  1. You are the only other person I know who has been to all fifty states. I still have to get to Newfoundland, and then I will have all the Canadian Provinces, but there is now way I will ever come close to visiting as many countries. Do you have a favorite?


  2. A Bruin! I was raised by a hardcore Trojan. I however am part of the UC Zoo anteater (UCI). I just last week was at UCLA (School of Denistry) campus for the very first time. Big campus and Wilshire BLVD is big and crowded! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I was hopeful there wasn’t an invisible U at the front of your name. . . oh well. . .

    One of my best friends is an Anteater, she’s been in my blog a few times–musician, lawyer, redhead. . .

    Too bad you were stuck in south campus–the northern part of UCLA is much more beautiful, especially the sculpture garden. ;o)


  4. Excuse me but why havenโ€™t you been to the Bahamas?! Get over here! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your blog and I want your job you lucky person! Keep snapping!


  5. Just wanted to say that your ‘redhead’ header reminds me of that great line from Randy Newman in I Love LA. . ‘rollin’ down Imperial Highway, a big nasty redhead at my side’ …hahaha


    • Being from LA, hearing that song after so many sporting events, I am so tired of it! ;o)

      And just so you know, this redhead in my photo is the sweetest girl ever. . . and not a natural redhead anyway. ;o)


  6. Hi Logan! I noticed that you do read/review posts on erotica, and I’m an erotica author. : ) Would you be willing to do a read/review of my short stories? Feel free to check out my catalog.


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