Concert Photography: Drew Steen Moonlit Kit

Goodness, two months have flown by since that infamous Cinco de Mayo concert at Molly Malone’s. Here’s the first batch of shots from the dark loud place.
(Disclaimer: due to my elbow injury, I wasn’t supposed to be shooting. I used an elbow brace, but it made my hand more shaky, so. . . you won’t get to see the ones that didn’t make it.)



Photography: Cherry Blossom Festival

How did I get so far behind? Don’t even remember when this was, likely a few months ago. This is the Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival.
When you’re shooting dark with light behind it, go for the silhouette. It’s a photography commandment or something. . .


UCLA Beach Volleyball: Court 6

For those of you wondering–those of you who know anything about college beach volleyball, that is–yes, there’s only five pairs who play for each time. But sometimes there’s a leftover court–the furthest away, of course–and you give your freshmen or such an opportunity to play a meaningless match against the leftovers from the other team. It’s like the exhibitions after everyone’s done scoring in gymnastics.