Top 15 Hottest Nathan Fillion co-stars

So yeah, this is the kind of shit that comes out when I’m completely bored and not at all disciplined in my internet viewing. {Where’s all this porn people talk about. . .?}

So I watched Jane Espesen’s internet series Husbands all in one go, and playing the newscaster is none other than The Fillion. {kinda like we say “The Shatner,” which I think Nathan would like} Luckily his long list of credits includes a bunch of voiceover work, which simply does not count here and makes it tons easier for me to wade through. However, let’s not be disingenuous: this is a list of beauties who’ve been in the same movies as the guy, though not necessarily had any scenes with him; some I just don’t know, not having seen them. Others, as you’ll see below, I know they weren’t in the same scene, but I’m too damned tired to actually go hunting for the movie, or some info that would say one way or another.

15. Emmanuelle Vaugier {Water’s Edge}
Never heard of it, never saw it. . . doesn’t matter. Her ethereal beauty makes it worth watching.

14. Dana Delany {Castle, Desperate Housewives, Pasadena}
C’mon, it’s Dana Delany–what else is there to say?

13. Gina Torres {Firefly}

12. Stana Katic {Castle}
Uh-huh. . .

11. Charisma Carpenter {Miss Match}
If you can say no to {viewing} her, you’re a stronger man than I. . .

10. Paula Marshall {Miss Match}
Still the cutest who ever lived. . .

9. Eliza Dushku {Buffy}
And yes, she’s known as The Dushku around these here parts. . .

8. Christina Hendricks {Firefly}
Ah, Saffron. . . {The rest of this entry has been redacted to keep the author from embarrassing himself. . . again.}

7. Keri Russell {Waitress}
That WTF look in the middle of the movie, followed by a three-day perma-grin. . . visual bliss.

6. Mircea Monroe {Drive}
Back when she was even hotter as a redhead; no one has ever worn jeans better.

5. Jeri Ryan {Dracula 2000}
I finally saw this hilarious clunker, in which Nathan appears in exactly one scene. . . as a priest in a confessional! Make of that what you will. Immediately following this we go to a bayou where Dracula’s modern-day Demeter–this time a plane–has crashed, and we get a very sexy blonde reporter in front of the wreckage, asking the cameraman, “You getting the tits?” Oh yes, Jeri Ryan, everyone is. Quickly she’s turned into one of Dracula’s brides, where she gets to taunt our heroine and then play with the hero. . . until he sticks a wooden stake through her heart. Her look of surprise–and, I think, hurt that he would do such a mean thing to her–is priceless. . .

4. Malinda Clarke {Firefly}
Quite possibly the only prostitute character I would ever indeed pay for. . . (dammit, where’s that redactor when you need him?}

3. Darby Stanchfield {Castle, Waitress}
I don’t know how many ladies have had to play Nathan wife/ex-wife, but she’s got to be the only one who’s had to suffer through that twice. That second taste of deep-friend twinkie, when she’s coming down the stairs in her undies and lifts her shurt to rub her tummy. . .

2. Dina Meyer {Castle, Miss Match}
Excuse me, that should be Dina freakin’ Meyer!

1. Morena Baccarin
When asked what character I would like to be on Firefly, there was only one possible answer: one of Inara’s customers. . .

Ellen Page {Super}
Never thought I’d see her like that. . .

Angeline Ball {Outer Limits}
The best part of one of my favorite movies, The Commitments.

In an episode of something called Total Security, he had these three gorgeous ladies as co-stars: Tracey Needham, Kristin Bauer, and Lisa Boyle; hope he had fun. Similarly, in something called Hollywood Division, three beautiful actresses shared the camera: Moon Bloodgood, Tsianina Joelson, and Leighton Meester.

And then of course, the best for last: Felicia Day. . .


Top 15 Songs of 2012

P.G. Wodehouse

To my daughter Leonora, without whose never-failing sympathy and encouragement this book would have been finished in half the time.


So. . . title is self-explanatory, right?

15. Halie LorenFeeling Good

As far as I’m concerned, Halie Loren is jazz.

14. Riddle the SphinxOne Man Band

A sad little paean which kicks up into rock ballad territory halfway. Showcases Christiane’s voice and pianowork, as well as Christo’s “world percussion.” He’s the only drummer I know who hits the cymbals with his hands.

13. Paulina LoganRoad in the Sky

Paulina is known for her sad songs of longing, but with the exception of “Shut the Door,” this is her hardest rockin’ tune, incredibly catchy as she sings about the “trip” she’s embarking on. . . and I’m gonna keep on going here just so I don’t end in a preposition.

12. Cindy AlexanderGrow Up

Not to take anything away from the verses, but Cindy’s strength has always been in the chorus–or as they call it now, the “hook”–and this song is another great example. The only other of my fave musicians who is such a master is Kari Kimmel.

11. Shannon CurtisBook of Fiction

If you subscribe to the theory of infinite universes predicated on every choice you make–or counter-factuals–this is the song for you. Still a love song, though; be warned. {Shannon is still giving away her entire new live album, at the link above.}

10. Scout SmithLoverboy

Everything you need to know about Scout’s voice and song-crafting ability is right here in this very heartfelt tune. Can get overly dramatic, but hopefully she’ll prune that as she leaves her teens.

9. Kat ParsonsLove Changes Everything

Kat-nip is the cutest little thing to hit the airwaves since. . . you get the picture. Whereas it was a bit incongruous to see that sweet face singing about her former lover on her last album, this song–and video–is so perfectly Kat. . .

8. Riddle the SphinxProfessional Pretender

After an unintentional laugh at the thought of a lawyer singing about a liar. . . I had no idea my buddy Christiane could craft such elaborate lyrics, or that she knew how much I love internal rhymes.

7. MeikoLeave the Lights On

If there’s anyone who could beat Kat-nip for the title of “cuteness personified,” Meiko is the challenger. Don’t remember how young she was when I first met her, when she was waitressing at Hotel Café, but I am in shock to find she’s in her 30s now, cuz she looks exactly the same. On the other hand, as much as I’ve loved her previous songs, this one shows her evolution as a crafter of fine tunes. One of the very rare songs I loved the first time I heard it.

6. Lindsey Yung—Hold

The music can get a little slow and ponderous, and Lindsey’s vocals go a bit drama queen–especially in complete contrast to her Scent of Summer–but in this case those qualities fit well with the lyrics and make the song what it is. {You can get a free download at her website—link is on her name.}

5. RushThe Wreckers

Sometimes it takes me 10 years to get into a Rush song; this one did the trick immediately. I supposed it helps that I understood what was going on in the lyrics right away, as well as the historical background of it. I specifically love the way Neil took a chance by making some of the verses with the same rhyme in all four lines, which is not easy.

4. Natalie GelmanLaugh So Hard You Cry

Speaking of emotional vocals! Natalie has a gift for converting real life into catchy tunes. Check out Streetlamp Musician and The Lion as well.

3. Riddle the SphinxSkies of Aleyeska

Five or six years ago I heard Christiane solo this song at a Borders, and never heard it again until this CD. You can almost transport yourself to the tiny island–Scotland or Ireland, I forget–although I imagine most women wouldn’t find it a compliment to have their blue eyes described as “glacier.” That fact, as well as having been on quite a few of those desolate islands, gives me a chill every time I hear this song.

2. Far Beyond FrailA Changed Man

Speaking of loving a song the first time. . . This duo has always been fantastic with music and vocals, but this time it’s the lyrics that shine the brightest. I can hear the anger and frustration in Sharilynn’s every note as she divests herself of the man she can no longer love. . .

1. Marina VRun

Vaguely stalkerish in the most catchy way; in fact, she almost makes the stalker seem sympathetic, especially if it’s her in the role. If you listen closely there’s a touch of wurly-like keyboard that lightens the tone a bit.

So this is the second time in three years that Marina V has taken the title of my fave song of the year. Wonder how she does it. . .


Top 15 Funny Songs on My Player

There are days when I can’t wait to get out of the studio, in case airheadedness is catching. . .

In all honesty, this should probably be called the Funniest Songs You’ve Never Heard. . .


15 High Heel Blues–Halie Loren

A cover, originally by Patricia Andress, with jazzy sound effects in the vocals. Exactly what it sounds like, a little a capella ditty about not being able to control herself in shoe shops. Seriously, Halie, find a group already. . .


14 Porn Mom–Schmushkin

Again, exactly what it says. This guy runs into a girl who looks just like a lady he saw in a porno long ago, and is convinced this has to be her daughter. He still thinks fondly of how she made “Butt sex look fun. . .”


13 Ooops, I Fucked You Again–Tastiskank!

What Britany Spears really meant. Best line: “But when you tell me I’m beautiful. . . goddamn!”


12 Things We Like–Machu Picchu

A long list of couplings, with the first part being “Things we like,” followed by a “things we don’t like” that makes the first part funny. Like: “Things we like: baking soda! Things we don’t like: A very muscular arm. . . holding a red hammer.” One of the singers has an amazingly clear and beautiful voice, which somehow makes things even funnier, especially when combined with the other ditzy voice.


11 Better Than Neil–Nathan Fillion (Dr. Horrible Commentary)

Just the fact that Nathan Fillion is singing makes it classic comedy, as we’ll see again later. This tune is from the commentary, with Nathan telling us all the myriad ways he’s. . . yes, better than Neil Patrick Harris. Near the end he does a long row of rhymes and makes you think he’s going to do the classic line, but switches it up at the last moment: “My hammer, the pe. . . ople can tell, that I’m awfully swell, while Neil has a weird smell, I’m just saying Purell. . .”


10 Almost Even–Halie Loren

Halie’s back, this time with her own tune, the one that long ago caused me to call her a “jealous harpy”. . . in the nicest way possible, of course. Best line: “If I pushed you off a cliff, I’ll catch ya the next time.”


9 Female Friends–Sebastian Bach (not either of the 2 more famous ones)

Seb wants to fuck every girl he comes across. . . “even some of my male relatives.”


8 When I’m With You–Nikki Katt

You think it’s a beautiful paean to love, until you get to the chorus: “When I’m with you, I want to bash in your head. . . but I get drunk and then we fuck instead. . .”


7 Tongue Tied–Red Dwarf

Just watch. . .


6 Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury—Rachel Bloom.

I won’t insult your intelligence by actually explaining this to you. . . even if I explained the previous ones.


5 Internet is for Porn–Avenue Q

There are approximately a billion mash-ups of this thing, which again is self-explanatory.


4 Fuck You song–Nikki Katt

To Pink Floyd’s The Wall {everybody sing along!}: All in all you’re just a. . .nother dick with no balls. . .


3 Sex Song—Tastiskank

Again, just watch. . .


2 My Special Man–Alison Block

Good thing she doesn’t feel this way about all her doctors: You know he ain’t no wussy/spendin’ all day ‘round that much. . . vagina.


1 Everyone’s a Hero–Nathan Fillion (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog)

Captain Hammer is trying to pump up the homeless people, but only succeeds in making himself look good. . . so he thinks, anyway. . .



Top 15 Photos of 2012 {mine, of course}

My New Year’s tradition appears to be looking out the window to see the stealth flying over the Rose Parade. Thank you for not doing it at the very beginning and waking me. . .

Sometimes it feels like fun choosing my favorite/best shots of the year, other times it seems like work. . . and then both at the same time. . .

Note: there are more than 15 shots here, but a few are lumped into the same theme, which as far as I’m concerned makes it okay.

15. Mary Ann and Paulina are stars: Two of my favorite musicians in exactly the same place, the front stage of Altadena’s Coffee Gallery



14. Aztec dancer strutting his stuff. . .


13. Sean Kinney helping people decompress from Burning Man by showing his limp wand. . .


12. Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island


11. Natalie Gelman loves to smirk when the photographer is shooting into the sun. . .


10. Three Bruin servers. . .







9. Endeavor’s last flight


8. Shannon Curtis musically emoting. . .


7. Jackie and Mack Robinson


6. Former ballerina Zoe flying. . .


5. Christiane decompressing everyone with her sunniness


4. Frustrated rat catcher! {my fave nekutse at LACMA. . . you really can’t get how tiny it is from this}

!frustrated rat catcher

3. Natalie Gelman loves her job. . .



2. Tusks!

Page Museum, La Brea Tar Pits

Page Museum, La Brea Tar Pits

1. Art Deco flower, Getty mountaintop garden