Berlin Concrete

“Simon sez jump in the air. . . and stay there! Everyone loses!”

Taking a break from Morocco, sports, and music blogs to bring you this:

So when I joined up here I cyberly met Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack? fame, and I saw she’d done a blog on a piece of the Berlin Wall in Noo Yawk. Since there’s a piece of it here in El Lay too, I figured I had to do the same. So here goes. . .

These brightly painted chunks of concrete are on Wilshire Blvd. across the street from LACMA–Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, or as I call it, the Art Zoo–but they’re difficult to see from the street because of all the lunch trucks. No one seems to know it’s there anyway.

The whole thang. . .

And now some closeups; the ones on the front are original, the ones in back commissioned. It took a moment to realize they wouldn’t have been originally painted on the back, unless you actually wanted the East German Stasi to use you for target practice.

He’s incredibly muscular for being just bones

Almost makes me hungry. . . almost

A bit creepy even if she’d been painted right-side-up