Books At The Huntington

A few of my fave written things at the Huntington Library

! Shakespeare first folio

Shakespeare First Folio. I’ve seen actors cry as they try to touch it through the glass. . .

! w Hamlet first edition

Hamlet first edition–an early version, not the one we see today.

! x Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost–the first science fiction novel, unless you count the bible.

! y walden

Walden–nuff said.

! z Canterbury Tales Ellesmere Chaucer

Canterbury Tales (The Ellesmere Chaucer)–actually not one of my faves, but I couldn’t resist the tiny drawings.


Huntington Cactus Garden

Because it was supposed to be a cool day–unlike the huge heat waves we’d had this summer–I figured it was a good time to toodle over to the Huntington to explore the hottest part of the grounds, the cactus garden. More fool I; you really shouldn’t trust people who are paid to be wrong 60% of the time (i.e. meteorologists). I actually contemplated spending the rest of the trip on that bench in the shade.

Beeteedubya, I took exactly 100 photos; couldn’t do that on purpose if I tried. . .

(Somehow this program uploaded the photos in reverse order; these first three were supposed to go at the end, after the cactus garden. Go fig.)

!japanese garden !long leg squared Huntress Diana sees a bird !IMG_1495 !IMG_1497 !IMG_1518 !IMG_1524 !IMG_1535 !IMG_1540 !IMG_1545 !IMG_1555 !IMG_1562--the dragon