UCLA Beach Volleyball: Court 6

For those of you wondering–those of you who know anything about college beach volleyball, that is–yes, there’s only five pairs who play for each time. But sometimes there’s a leftover court–the furthest away, of course–and you give your freshmen or such an opportunity to play a meaningless match against the leftovers from the other team. It’s like the exhibitions after everyone’s done scoring in gymnastics.



UCLA Beach Volleyball: Court 1

Can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I went down to Santa Monica for UCLA Beach Volleyball; I remember it was on St. Paddy’s Day, and luckily I did not get pinched. Took over a thousand shots, and plenty of them were just too good not to share, so I organized it by court, and even then I’ll have separate categories, like serving and funny hair and such.
But for now let’s start where it always starts, on Court 1 with Nicole and Megan McNamara. Since you’ll likely need help telling them apart, Nicole is the lefty—making her my fave—wearing #13, and Megan is obviously the righty sporting #31. If they’re not wearing their numbers and not hitting a ball, I don’t even try to tell them apart. . .