UCLA Beach Volleyball: Court 5, Part 2

It’s Megan’s turn to show why she was part of the NCAA CHAMPION UCLA BEACH VOLLEYBALL team.



UCLA Beach Volleyball: Court 1

Can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I went down to Santa Monica for UCLA Beach Volleyball; I remember it was on St. Paddy’s Day, and luckily I did not get pinched. Took over a thousand shots, and plenty of them were just too good not to share, so I organized it by court, and even then I’ll have separate categories, like serving and funny hair and such.
But for now let’s start where it always starts, on Court 1 with Nicole and Megan McNamara. Since you’ll likely need help telling them apart, Nicole is the lefty—making her my fave—wearing #13, and Megan is obviously the righty sporting #31. If they’re not wearing their numbers and not hitting a ball, I don’t even try to tell them apart. . .


Whatever Shall I Wear?

This is not a question I ever imagined asking, but tomorrow is the Jump, Jive, and Thrive fundraising event and there are numerous options as far as my chest billboard goes. Just in case anyone feels like voting, here’s the options, keeping in mind that the night features
1. Breast cancer awareness.
2. Takes place at UCLA.
3. The UCLA gymnastics team is hosting.
4. My girl Lindsey Stirling will be playing.

Can’t believe I’ve been following the team this long.

My fave of 5 Lindsey shirts. It’s actually more beige than seen here.

The favorite going in, considering both the place and the cause. The script is more pepto than the kinda grapefruit color seen here.

It’s been getting a little chilly at night, so I put in a hoodie option.