Top 15

On my other blog I have a recurring features of my favorite 15 things, in a lot of diverse and sometimes outright weird categories.

Top 15 Favorite Short Stories
15. Sound of Thunder, Ray Bradbury
14. To See the Invisible Man–Robert Silverberg
13. Mickey Mouse Olympics–Tom Sullivan
12. Nothing in the Rules–L. Sprague de Camp
11. The Scythe of Time–Edgar Allan Poe
10. Why Johnny Can’t Speed–Alan Dean Foster
9. A Hunger Artist–Franz Kafka
8. Maureen Birnbaum Goes Shopynge–George Alec Effinger
7. What Is This Thing Called Love–Isaac Asimov
6. Chess With a Dragon–David Gerrold
5. Death by Ecstasy–Larry Niven
4. VERITAS {City of Truth}–James Morrow
3. Worlds to Kill–Harlan Ellison
2: The Pad: a Story of the Day After Tomorrow–Harry Harrison
1. The Star–Arthur C. Clarke

Top 15 Mystery Writers
{Strictly mystery, no thrillers}
15. Carl Hiaasen
14. Edgar Allan Poe
13. Nevada Barr
12. Dashell Hammett
11. J.A. Jance
10. Lyn Hamilton
9. Earl Emerson
8. Margaret Maron
7. Raymond Chandler
6. Linda Barnes
5. Ridley Pearson
4. Sharyn McCrumb
3. Joan Hess
2. Jennifer Colt
1. Arthur Conan Doyle

Top 15 Favorite Sherlock Holmes stories
15. Mazarin Stone
14. His Last Bow
13. Dying Detective
12. The Three Students
11. Priory School
10. Black Peter
9. Empty House
8. Silver Blaze
7. Man with the Twisted Lip
6. Charles Augustus Milverton
5. Naval Treaty
4. Thor Bridge
3. Bruce-Partington Plans
2. Dancing Men
1. Devil’s Foot

Top 15 Bond Babes
15. Cherry Gillespie–Octopussy
14. Lois Chiles–Moonraker
13. Rachel Grant–Die Another Day
12. Margaret Nolan–Goldfinger
11. Carolyn Seaward–Octopussy
10. Ursula Andress–Dr. No
9. Barbara Bach–The Spy Who Loved Me
8. Famke Janssen–Goldeneye
7. Daniela Bianchi–From Russia with Love
6. Maria Grazia Cucinotta–The World Is Not Enough
5. Carole Bouquet–For Your Eyes Only
4. Claudine Auger–Thunderball
3. Jane Seymour–Live and Let Die
T1. Luciana Paluzzi–Thunderball
T1. Kristina Wayborn–Octopussy

Top 15 bond moments
15. Living Daylights—plane fight
14. Octopussy—outside plane fight
13 Moonraker—parachute fight
12 Goldfinger—tuxedo under wetsuit
11 Live and Let Die—fixed tarot deck
10 Living Daylights–music
9 Tomorrow Never Dies—The Car
8 Living Daylights—Necros gets Koskov
7 For Your Eyes Only—kicking car off cliff
6 Goldeneye–tank
5 The World Is Not Enough—straightening tie underwater
4 Octopussy—Magda “unraveling”
3 Thunderball—Fiona in bathtub
2 The Spy Who Loved Me—parachute off ice cliff
1 License to Kill—“He disagreed with something that ate him.”

Top 15 Fave Places in El Lay
15. Marina del Rey
14. Central Library
13. Fountain turn at the Long Beach Grand Prix
12. Mystery Bookstore           (gone!)
11. Santa Monica cliff
10. In-N-Out {yes, all of ‘em}
9. Observatory
8. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
7. Monster Sculptures at LACMA/La Brea Tar Pits
6. Hotel Café
5. Clifton’s Cafeteria
4. Volleyball or gymnastics at Pauley Pavilion
3. Huntington Library and Gardens
2. Japanese Gardens
1. UCLA Sculpture Garden

15 fave places in the USA
15. Parthenon, Nashville
14. Washington on the Brazos, Texas
13. Spacecamp, Alabama
12. Baltimore harbor, Maryland
11. Forest Park, St. Louis
10. DC
9. Monterey Bay
8. Portland zoo, Oregon
7. San Diego
6. Eugene, Oregon
5. Charleston
4. Mackinac Island, Michigan
3. Glacier National Park {what’s left of it}
2. Monument Valley
1. Seattle

15 fave places in world
15 Gotland, Sweden
14 Khajuraho, India
13 Aleppo {this was written before Syria blew up}
12 Savonlinna, Finland
11 Banff, Alberta
10 Petra, Jordan
9 Cinqueterre, Italy
8 Iceland
7 Lake District {Chile’s, not England’s or anyone else’s}
6 Queenstown, New Zealand
5 Machu Picchu, Peru
4 Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
3 Palenque, Mexico
2 Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina
1 Alhambra, Granada, Spain

15 fave CITIES in the World
{Cities as opposed to places. . . to visit, not to live in. . .}
15. Edinburgh, Scotland
14. Salzburg, Austria
13. Istanbul, Turkey
12. Munich, Germany
11. Capetown, South Africa
10. Auckland, New Zealand
9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
8. Copenhagen, Denmark
7. Sydney, Australia
6. Budapest/Prague//Hungary/Czech
5. Stockholm, Sweden
4. London, England
3. Vancouver, British Columbia
2. Vienna, Austria
1. Venice, Italy

Top 15 Fave Athletes
{Before you ask, yes–they’re all women}
15. Chelsea Johnson–UCLA/USA Track and Field
14. Marianne Steinbrecher–Brazil Volleyball
13. Andrea HarrisonUCLA Softball
12. Pippa Mann–Race Car Driver from England
11. Correy Johnson–Cal Volleyball
10. Elena Dementieva–Russia tennis
9. Lolo Jones–USA 100m Hurdles
8. Niki Tom–UCLA gymnastics
7. Sara Sage–UCLA Volleyball
6. Simona DiSilvestro–Race Car Driver from Switzerland
5. Logan Tom–USA Volleyball
4. Tauny Frattone–UCLA Gymnastics
3. Katie Camp–UCLA Volleyball
2. Caroline Wozniaki–Denmark Tennis
1. Kara Lang–UCLA/Canada Soccer

Top 15 LA museums

15. Military Museum
14. Getty
13. Griffith Observatory
12. Nethercutt
11. Natural History Museum, California African American Museum, California Science Center
10. Page (La Brea Tar Pits}
9. Getty Villa
8. Fowler
6. Wells Fargo
5. Norton Simon
3. Autry
2. Huntington
1. Traveltown

15 Fave World Museums

15. Dali Museum, Figueres
14. Louvre, Paris
13. Academy of San Carlos, Mexico City
12. Museum of Ethnology, Vienna
11. Naples National Archaeological Museum
10. Dumbarton Oaks, D.C.
9. Sherlock Holmes Museum, London
8. Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam
7. Uffizi, Florence
6. Prado, Madrid
5. Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver and Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria
4. National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City
3. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen
2. Museum Island, specifically the Egyptian Museum and the Pergamon, Berlin
1. British Museum, London

Smithsonian, D.C.
Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Note: I originally had the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo on the list–at #5, actually–but in light of all that’s happened {at the time I wrote this blog} it didn’t seem right putting it in here. {Sorry for the internal rhyme}

15 fave Rush songs
15. New World Man–Signals, 1982
14. Entre Nous–Permanent Waves, 1980
13. Dreamline–Roll the Bones, 1991
12. Different Strings–Permanent Waves, 1980
11. Mission–Hold Your Fire, 1987
10. Hemispheres–Hemispheres, 1978
9. La Villa Strangiato–Hemispheres, 1978
8. Tears–2112, 1976
7. YYZ–Moving Pictures, 1981
6. Red Barchetta–Moving Pictures, 1981
5. Madrigal–A Farewell to Kings, 1977
4. The Pass–Presto, 1989
3. Leave That Thing Alone–Counterparts, 1993
2. Red Sector A–Grace Under Pressure, 1984
1. Bravado–Roll the Bones, 1991
Note: Since then Clockwork Angels has come out and The Wreckers would definitely be on a newer list. . .

Top 15 Moments of Somewhere In Time

14–Way too early, ya stalker!
13–Not-so-happy Landings
12–“Are you sure this is the right room?”
11–Rowing on the lake
10–A Day Together
9–“Is he the one?”
8–“Then you were wrong about him, weren’t you?”
7–Running up/down the stairs toward each other. . .
6–Taking the portrait. . .
5–First time he sees portrait
4–“Is it you?”
3–In a play? Make up your own lines
2–Show the love. . .
1–Each kiss is as the first. . .

Top 15 Fave Guitarists

15 Chaska Potter                     Raining Jane
14 Jimi Yamagishi
He’d kill me if I didn’t put him on the list. . .
13 Keith Scott                         Bryan Adams
12 Andy Murray                     Wolfstone
11 Mason Williams
10 Dave Turley                       Lovers Electric
9 Ottmar Liebert                     Flamenco
8 Jimi Hendrix
7 Jesse Cook                           Flamenco
6 Abby Kinkaid                      Penny Relentless
5 Cole Coleman                      formerly of Marina V’s band, also soloist
4 Shawn Cunnane                   Gilli Moon, amongst others
3 Ali Handal                           singer-songwriter
2 Alex Lifeson                                    Rush
1 Mark Knopfler                     Dire Straits and soloist

Special credit for single songs:
Eric Clapton                            Layla {With Duane Allman}
Paul Rodgers                           Rock and Roll Fantasy
Don Felder/Joe Walsh             Hotel California
Jimmy Page                             Stairway to Heaven
Mark Goldenburg                   Sarah Dashew’s What You Owe
Couldn’t find any conclusive proof as to who played the guitar on Paul Gross’s 32 Down on the Robert McKenzie, but I’m going with the most probable, and also because I like his name: Captain Tractor.

Top 15 Fave Movies
15. Delicatessen
14. Roman Holiday
13. Live Nude Girls
12. Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
11. High Noon
10. Exotica
9. Adventures of Baron Munchausen
8. Waitress
7. LA Story
6. Visions of Light
5. Before Sunrise/Sunset
{And Before Midnight now too}
4. Starship Troopers
3. Serenity
2. Casablanca
1. Somewhere in Time

15 fave TV shows (2011)
15. Mentalist
14. Once Upon a Time
13. NCIS
12. A Gifted Man
11. Body of Proof
10. Person of Interest
9. Two Broke Girls
8. Criminal Minds
7. How I Met Your Mother
6. Australian Rules Football
5. Suburgatory           
4. Big Bang Theory
2. Wipeout
1. Castle

Top 15 fave sports
15. High Jump
14. Pentathlon
13. Bobsled
12. Fencing
11. Archery
10. Softball
9. Pole vault
8. Soccer
7. Triathlon
6. Tennis
5. Auto Racing
4. Team handball
3. Oz rules
2. Gymnastics
1. Volleyball

Top 15 Fave TV Comedies
15. FM
14. Just the 10 of Us
13. Nothing in Common
12. Night Court
11. Head of the Class
10. Lateline
9. Jack of All Trades
8. Sledge Hammer!
7. Greg the Bunny
6. Red Dwarf
5. Better Off Ted
4. Powers That Be
3. Good & Evil
2. Night Stand With Dick Dietrick
1. Doctor Doctor

And now on to the exclusionary info. . . to wit, didn’t fit the parameters but hilarious anyway.
These two would be considered variety shows/sketch shows rather than sitcoms, otherwise they would definitely be on the list.
The Benny Hill Show
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Whose Line Is It Anyway? should probably go here too.

How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
2 Broke Girls
Fast Times: where Courtney Thorne-Smith learned to be beautiful and low-key.
Day by Day: Hey, there’s Courtney Thorne-Smith again! And lookit tiny Thora Birch already rockin’ the thespianage!
Good Life: Drew Carey’s first foray on TV.
Shaky Ground: Matt Frewer again!

15 Best Moments from Red Dwarf
15 Holoship: Lister to Red Dwarf. . .
14 DNA: Double Polaroid
13 Justice: How stupid is Rimmer?
12 Quarantine: signs, bio-suits {or lack thereof} and tricorders
11 Duct Soup: Kryten getting Kochanski to stop crying
10 Blue: The Rimmer Experience Munchkin song!
9 Alternate Universe: Tongue Tied!
8 Camille: teaching Kryten to lie.
7 Marooned: Alexander the Great’s. . .
6 Legion: “Step it up to Red Alert.”
5 Marooned: Golf course
4 Terrorform: Tarantula!
3 Better Than Life: I’d prefer chicken.
2 Polymorph: Shrinking shorts
1 Backwards: Wilma Flintstone!

15 favorite Star Trek episodes/movies
15 Movie reboot
14 Who Watches the Watchers (NG)
13 First Contact (movie)
12 Shore Leave (ST)
11 Lower Decks (NG)
10 In The Pale Moonlight (DS9)
9 The Offspring/Measure of a Man
8 ST: The Voyage Home
7 Emissary {DS9, not to be confused with the NG episode with the wonderfully snarky Suzie Plakson}
6 Devil In the Dark (ST)
5 ST: Wrath of Khan
4 Darmok (TNG)
3 Tribbles (I’m counting all three as one, for my own nefarious purposes)
2 City on the Edge of Forever (ST)
1 Duet (DS9)

top 15 actresses 2014
15 Amy Acker–Person of Interest
14 Maggie Lawson—Back in the Game
13 Cobie Smulders–How I Met Your Mother
12 Jill Wagner–Wipeout
11 Ming-Na Wen–Agents of Shield
10 Bellamy Young–Scandal
9 Mircea Monroe–Hart of Dixie
8 Michelle Borth–Hawaii 5-0
7 Molly Quinn–Castle
6 Missy Perygrym–Rookie Blue
5 Kristin Kreuk–Beauty and the Beast
4 Kaitlyn Black–Hart of Dixie
3 Darby Stanchfield–Scandal
2 Daniela Ruah–NCIS: Los Angeles
1 Chloe Barret–Agents of Shield


Top 15 Favorite TV Shows, 2014 Edition

15. NCIS: New Orleans

14. Bad Judge

13. Hart of Dixie

12. CSI

11. Rookie Blue

10. Criminal Minds


8. Wipeout

7. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

6. Big Bang Theory


4. Forever

3. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

2. Castle

1. State of Affairs

On Netflix

Warehouse 13


Lost Girl



The Wall


15 Fave Books of 2015

AlphaStephen Brayton

Random ElementsKate Donovan

Sweet GirlRachel Hollis

Cold MoonAlexandra Sokoloff

InsiderOlivia Cunning

Investigating SherlockNikki Stafford

Citizen of the Galaxy–Robert Heinlein

I am Sophie Tucker–“Sophie Tucker

Worrier’s Guide to LifeGemma Correll

History of War in 100 Battles–Richard Overy

Secret Kindness AgentsFerial Pearson

The Customer Service RevolutionJohn R. DiJulius

Wrapped in PlasticAndy Burns

Jem and the HologramsKelly Thompson

The Silver ShipsScott Jucha




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